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Nic & Mar touched my heart.

Have you watched Nic & Mar Mini Drama from Line? I've watched it two times and it touched my heart. I'm not saying that they had an original storyline or they got the best punchline for their story but I do love the scenes and how they talked to each other from heart to heart. I love how Nic quoted Andy Warhol's People should fall in love with their eyes closed. And my favorite conversation from the Nic & Mar was,
Hubungan dua orang tuh gak gampang ya. Walaupun udah cocok, udah saling kenal, tapi kayaknya itu aja gak cukup.
Jadi kurang apa?
Ya maksudnya, nyaman aja gak cukup. They need to share the same dream, they need to want the same things.
Jadi kamu, maunya apa?
Aku cuma mau semua bisa jadi lebih sederhana, Mar. Cuma itu aja. I couldn't agree more. Hubungan itu ga cuma sebatas, I love him or I love her. Ga cuma sebatas the word 'love' itself. But you need to share the same dream and want the same things to be together as one, but not to mention the fee…

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