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Saturday, 1 July 2017

Blessed 23rd Years Old!

So, here's what bugging on my mind, lately; I'm going to share about my 23rd birthday. Because.. why not? It's never too late, right? And it was a blessing day for me, so I'm so excited to spread the love, happiness, and positive vibes thru this one.

Well, let me start it with, it was my very first birthday without my family presences on that day. It should have been a family tradition if someone is having a birthday, we walk into their room in the morning and wake them up, bring cakes and candles, and also birthday presents. But this year, it was different. It was a beautiful Wednesday morning. I got love and morning kisses from my boyfriend, only. And still, no candles or cake. Hahaha. It was sad, but, I guess it's part of growing up.

The reason why my family weren't there because I was in my kos-kosan because it's weekday and I have to go to work and I don't have much time to went home because it took more than an hour and so on and so on. So, I decided to stay at my kos-kosan and said to my family that we're going to have a birthday dinner on Saturday.



On Wednesday night, ra & I didn't have a special plan, we just wanna hang out and have a dinner, of course. But then, ra was kinda ruined my day and we were had a little fight but it was all still feel special for me. HEHE. Later that night, I was surprised by my lovely best friend. She was there, sitting alone at a cafe waiting for me & ra done with the birthday dinner. I was literally shocked because she lived far away but she's willing to be there on my special day. Thank you, luvliv!

There's nothing more I could share about my June 14th. Move on to the Saturday Birthday Dinner with My Family!

Oh, wait! Before Saturday, I finally went home on Friday to meet my family. And they were surprising me with cakes and candles, and birthday presents, and of course a happy birthday song sang by all of them. It was such a lovely night I had.

Aaaaand, the next day, my family, ra, and my other two best girls were having a birthday dinner at Royale Bakery & Cafe at Bogor. It was such a beautiful birthday dinner, iftar, and also a blessed birthday week I've had.

I just wish for this year ahead, I would love more and be loved in return, more.
To cherish every moment.
To do more and more positive things.
To be kinder to everyone. Not to hurt anyone.
To enjoy more about life and other things behind.
To be healthier.
To be happier.
To love more.
To love more.


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